Ready to Ride?

It is full on GO TIME! Come to the mountains of North Carolina to find winter’s last breath and rent bikes at Bryson City Bicycles. The riding is perfect right now. Tsali is in great shape, and if you are in search of intermediate singletrack, it beckons. Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is fire road, perfect for those looking for less technical riding. Check out our Bike Rentals page for all the info on our great bikes.

Welcome 2014 Kahuna!

The return of the king! The 2014 Kahuna will no doubt be at the top of Bicycling Magazines Value Hardtail 29er catagory at the end of the year for the 3rd straight year. All that amazing geometry, racelight aluminum, a great parts spec, and you can rent it from us! All Shimano running gear and the Rockshox XC32 coil shock. Lighter, faster, and just as strong as ever. The orange powdercoating makes for a durable finish that is lighter than regular aint.

Wouldn’t you love to buy a rental bike?

Kona 120Primo

Ah, now that the season is over, we have our 26 inch wheels bikes available for sale. We have the Marin Mount Vision XM8 full suspension bikes, the Kona Calderas, Lisa HTs, and Marin Nail Trail hard tails available at a wicked huge savings.

Maybe you want a 29er? Heard the buzz, want to buy one at a HUGE savings? Come see the Kona Kahunas, Kona Big Kahunas, and the Marin Nail Trail 29ers! Big wheels RULE.

You know these are top dollar bikes with the best component. These bikes might have some paint damage, but they are 100% perfect mechanically and still have the top flight parts on them. If it broke, we replaced it with the same level of components or even better! Come get them while they are hot! What a cool deal…

Cross Country delight

Kona 120 Primo

5 INCHES! Nah, it’s gotta be bigger than that!
Like Tsali? Got a secret downhill fetish? Want to keep the rear tire planted? Big hits? Bring this bike, and it all stays sane. The Rock Shox Recon 335 keeps your hands in control, making you a very able pilot.

Just $60 a day, and it includes the helmet, a tool bag, and a custom fit with Spokey Joe!