About Us

Diane Cutler and Andy Zivinsky, the owners of the shop, have lived all over the country prior to discovering Bryson City and embracing it as home. They are both enthusiastic and accomplished riders, coming from somewhat non-traditional bicycling backgrounds. Andy is a former BMX competitor, and was ranked #13 in the state of Florida as a teenager. He is now an adrenaline-happy mountain biker. Diane prefers her rides like her coffee, ‘decaffeinated’. But now that she rides a Niner, she is loving the forest service roads and the occasional dose of singletrack!

About Bryson City Bicycles

Bryson City Bicycles offers bike rentals, sales and repairs in downtown Bryson City. Step inside and you’ll find personalized fittings, daily and weekly rentals, parts and accessories, gift items, books, maps, trail information, kids’ products and more. BCB supports a strong and healthy community through bicycling and local involvement. Our hours of operation are 10-6 on Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday so we can fish for trout.