Tsali is in epic condition!

Went out this afternoon to see what shape winter had left the trails. A friend and I took the bikes out and did right loop. I can’t believe how good the trails are right now! The entire single track section of right loop is perfect. So buff and so fast. We did stop a bunch of times and remove tree limbs, branches, and toppers that littered the trail. In all, we probably stopped 5 times to remove tree litter. Remember, the derailleur you save may be your own!

There are the normal wet spots along county line road, so just bunny hop them. The downhill at mile 3 is still washed out and rutted, but that will be a chore for the NAS SORBA chapter to attack soon. Look for a work party to get together soon. There are two trees down across the trail, but they are pretty easy to port over, and next time we get out, the chapter will have a few new people chainsaw certified.

So, wherever you are today with all that snow and cold, come to ride Tsali. It’s better than ever.

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