Service with a smile

It’s that time of the year. You want to ride, but the elements just won’t cooperate. Maybe you ride anyway, and you find that all your components are now muddy and sluggish.

Never fear, Spokey Joe is here. Just back from his SRAM certification classes on mountain bike service, that guy can freshen up your ride for spring.

Here are some of the system overhauls we suggest to make your bike better than ever–

Suspension service- Have more than 50 hours of riding on your bike since your last suspension overhaul? Haven’t had it done since you bought the bike? Well, having the lowers removed, the seals and wipers and oil replaced will make that bike ride like new again! The biggest thing I hear after we do this service is “Wow, it didn’t feel bad, but it’s AMAZING how good it feels now!” Get it done! $50 plus parts. Full rebuilds or custom tuning available as well. From replacing springs to changing cartridges, all this can be done.

Drivetrain service- Spent a season shifting and riding? Chains wear out by stretching. Rings and cassettes wear the ramps and pins and tooth profiles with torque and abuse. Now is the perfect time to place the chain, chainrings, bottom bracket, and cassette. WHY, you might ask? All these parts work as a system, and they wear at the same rate. Replace them all at the same time, and it shifts better. I can’t tell you how many times folks have replaced just the chain and brought it back because it still doesn’t shift like it should. Replace everything and it shifts like butter. We only use Jagwire cables and housing with L3 slick coating. We never suggest or use galvanized cables as they become sticky and slow in no time due to water causing them to oxidize. Reuse the housing? Not on our watch, as the housing catches the dirt and it binds to the walls of the housing. This is the time to replace cables and housing, and maybe upgrade the shifters and derailleurs, maybe to 9, 10 or 11 speed components. Prices depend on system type.

Brake service- SRAM suggest that you replace the pads, rotors, and bleed the brakes once per year. Replace the brake pads and rotors together. Whenever you change pads, replacing the rotors at the same time will ensure that your braking system continues to work. Rotors take all the heat and abuse and never get any thanks. They weaken over time, and they begin to howl in pain and frustration from lack of service. Different pad compounds wear rotors in different ways, and the brake pad residue reacts in different ways to different pad compounds. These things can reduce brake stopping power, create noise, or worse. While we’re at it, we can bleed the brakes. Those 6 mls of fluid take a ton of abuse from heat and dirt as well, so replacing that fluid will keep the brakes from feeling spongy.

Full tear down- The big daddy of service. All that water, dirt and grime lives in the nooks and crannies. We’ll take the frame down to just the metal, replacing everything that is worn or damaged. The bottom bracket is notorious for holding mud and water, and causing all kinds of creaks. The headset can be a source of frustration, where mud and water collect and never feels bad until a bearing completely fails. Retighten and align the derailleur hanger to make shifting smooth and quick. Check pivots, bearings, and bushing in the suspension to make it flex the way it should. True the wheels, bleed the brakes. $200 plus parts.

Bryson City Bicycles has a full supply of brake parts, drivetrain parts, and wipers and seals for Fox and Rockshox forks and shocks. Call to schedule an appointment now for spring cleaning!

2 thoughts on “Service with a smile

  1. All Andy said above is true. He is an awesome bike mechanic. Do what he says. Don’t be stubborn like I used to be. Your bike will ride like brand new after he is done with it.

  2. Oh yea and GET THOSE RACEFACE CARBON BARS. They really eliminate the chatter on the fingers, arms and shoulders. Just did a long ride with plenty of gnarl and they were a dream to use.

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