Dear IMBA Chapter and Club Leaders,
Jenn Dice here, IMBA Government Affairs Director. I am writing to bring your attention to the href=”” target=”_blank”>super important alert that we sent your chapter or club earlier today.

The Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is in danger of being eliminated, and it is the single greatest funding source for trail development across the country.

If mountain bikers don’t call to support continuing RTP — which has funded 15,000 trail projects — the program will be eliminated.

I am asking you to take this alert and, if appropriate, post it on your website or Facebook page, and send it to your individual members asking them to call or email your U.S. Senators and Representatives.

The email we sent makes this easy; the phone number and a sample script are included. If you know of a trail project touched by the Recreational Trails Program in your state, please make sure to include it in your message, too.

You have probably received a few alerts from other bicycling groups during the last few days. It may be confusing and we stand ready to answer any questions you might have.

Bottom line, RTP represents a lot of money for our sport — $85 million a year. If it disappears, we will lose trails.
IMBA is one of the few national groups working to protect RTP funding, hence my request that you take our alert and forward it to your entire community.

Thanks for doing what you can to save dedicated funding for this vital program.

All my best,

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