A missed ride

Another day passes, and I haven’t been on the bike. Been two weeks, I’d bet. Oh, I’ve ridden a couple of bikes around the parking lot of the shop, but the “weapon” hasn’t been out of its stand.

I’m kinda bumming about it. I hate having a nice bike, and I love the joy of riding. But the weather, my hyper-extended thumb, a couple of broken ribs, and work has gotten in the way. Unlike Scott Baste, I couldn’t muster the strength and frosty footed fortitude to get the bike out for a spin.

I did go to the shop today, and when I came back, I brought some flat BMX pedals and an air pump so I could make it ready. The air pump was necessary since Bern Peters left the air out of the front tire. I figured that if I had the parts, maybe I could find the will. No way.

Oh yeah- there is 6 inches or more snow out there. Would have been fun. Or maybe not. The snow can drive your drivetrain batty.

But, this week we get to see a warm up in the weather. So, later this week we should be done with the snow and maybe it will dry out enough to get out and take a spin. Maybe just up Deep Creek and Indian Creek. The climb will do me good. Maybe I’ll drive out to Tsali and recheck the trail damage done by the weather. Maybe I’ll just ride the bike to the shop instead of driving. I just heard that gas will be $4 a gallon this spring.

Regardless, I really miss being on the bike. Just the flow of zipping along, the numbing of the mind as I spring along trails I know so well. I love to push the threshold to the edge and get that buzz in the head and keep the cranks turning.

Some day soon.

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