2011 bikes on the way

Check out the newest bikes from Kona, Marin, and Eastern on the Bike Shop page of our website. These are the bikes that we will be stocking for the new season. Some will be available before Christmas, some not until afterwards. We have been listening to our faithful customer base and find one thing that is clear: More entry level, price conscious bikes, and more big dawg full suspension and 29er offerings. With that, we have ordered bikes to have on the floor. We will try to provide most of the sizes of each type of bike, so you can find the one that fits you best, and take it home with you while you are at the shop.

We also heard the folks who are pining for road bikes. We will have a fleet of Marin Argentas available for rentals. We will bring these in during the Spring months, so we can offer you a thrilling road ride right out of our shop along the Road to No Where. We are also looking to bring aboard a new manufacturer so we can hit a nice niche market with road bikes. We won’t tip our hand before we sign the paperwork, but look for a new marquee for BCB.

We’d like to carry other cool bikes, too. We tried with the Kona Ute, some nice comfort and cruiser bikes, and a range of $750 to $1500 bikes. But, we see that these things don’t sell well here. So, we are going to thin our broad offering and stick with the meat and potatoes approach and have great Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, and the Comfort Bikes that work best. We can still special order any bike in any line from our suppliers, but will change what we have in the store.

We still have a few 2009 and 2010 bikes here at the shop, and are willing to make some deals to move them out. We will also bring in new helmet lines, increase our Fox and Shebeest riding apparel, and maybe add some new skateboards.

We believe that you, our loyal fans and customers will continue to show and tell us what you want, and we will strive to provide it with the same hand working, friendly, fun atmosphere we have shown you for the last 16 months. (yeah, today is 16 months!)