Gotta Get a New Skateboard! Maybe a longboard!

Bryson City Bicycles is also THE ONLY SKATEBOARD SHOP THIS SIDE OF ASHEVILLE!! We carry all the latest and greatest boards from Chocolate, Girl, Foundation, Ghost Legion, ATM, Krooked, Enjoi, and many more. We have trucks from Tensor, Silver, Speed Demons, Thunder and others. We proudly offer Reds bearings to go into Spitfire, Hubba, or Speed Demon wheels. With Pimp Grip tape in black and many colors, you can custom create your perfect board. We build your board right in front of you at no cost when you buy the components here. Need Speed? Come see our line of LONGBOARDS and pads, helmets, and gloves for your downhill fix. And for you new skaters, we have complete boards starting at just $85! At Bryson City Bicycles, you no longer have to shop at CCS, we build’em cheaper and better!!!

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