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Scott Baste reviews his new purchase, the Marin Nail Trail 29er

Scott Baste is a local rider from Franklin, NC. He and I have ridden a couple of times, and he was in the market for a new 29er geared bike. He researched the Marin Nail Trail along with a few others, like the Gary Fisher, and decided to buy from us. Here is his review:

well i got to take the nail tail 29er out for it’s first trail ride today. now i’m not a writer or professional bike reviewer but i have owned 15 or so mountain bikes going all the way back to 1982 fully rigid models. after having a few dual suspension bikes, i decided to go back to hard tail for the light weight and more responsive feel.

today we took the bikes out for a good shake down run. the ride started with a steep grunt uphill and at first i was getting used to the bike and it felt a little light in the front end. since it was a wall from the start i didn’t worry too much. the bike did feel a bit twitchy at first. that i think is due to the much steeper head angle than my other 29er (a single speed from a different company one that rhymes with wisher). after cresting the first hill, we started on a rough ridge ride with lots of ups and downs as well as a lot of eroded areas as this is not a true trail but some dirt roads that 4 wheelers use. the bike was starting to feel better at that point. it likes to go fast. down hills were very good too. it feels like it tracks really well and despite anything the trail served up, the bike felt like part of me. then we got to the single track. this is a trail that i have been riding since the early 80’s with all types of configurations. the set up on the bike was just right. i was able to climb the big logs and drop the big drops. in the air the bike handled predictably. not too many switchbacks on the trail we were riding today but the 2 or 3 we encountered were fine with the bike very capable of handling the sharp turns. as a tall rider, my bikes always tend to have long wheelbases and that contributes to tougher time making switchbacks. it seemed like i was able to ride a tighter line than usual on these tight places. after the first 3 hours, i had the bike dialed in and it didn’t feel twitchy any more. i dialed down the fork one notch and that seemed to help the front end stay where i wanted it better. the climbing got better too. since i have been riding single speed so much, i am used to standing and pedaling which worked fine but it took a couple of big climbs to reaquaint myself with seated pedaling. by the end of the ride it was working great.

the only nit i had with the bike which isn’t the fault of anyone was that the stock tires are not what i would have chosen and i will be replacing them soon. where i ride we tend to have a lot of leaf matter on the trails which never seems to clear off. mud is usually not a problem but i think that is what the tires i have would be great for (mud and maybe hard pack). personally, i prefer a more agressive lug pattern like on the bontrager jones tires.

other than that the bike worked great. no bolts came loose and no on trail adjustments needed. something i can’t say for the last few bikes i have bought from other dealers.

once again i would like to thank BCB for the great service and support you have shown thus far. feel free to share this review if you think that it will be helpful to anyone.