Wouldn’t you love to buy a rental bike?

Kona 120Primo

Ah, now that the season is over, we have our 26 inch wheels bikes available for sale. We have the Marin Mount Vision XM8 full suspension bikes, the Kona Calderas, Lisa HTs, and Marin Nail Trail hard tails available at a wicked huge savings.

Maybe you want a 29er? Heard the buzz, want to buy one at a HUGE savings? Come see the Kona Kahunas, Kona Big Kahunas, and the Marin Nail Trail 29ers! Big wheels RULE.

You know these are top dollar bikes with the best component. These bikes might have some paint damage, but they are 100% perfect mechanically and still have the top flight parts on them. If it broke, we replaced it with the same level of components or even better! Come get them while they are hot! What a cool deal…

The right way to start 2010

Come join the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew, the members of the SORBA Board of Directors and the IMBA Regional Advisory Council for a weekend of learning, riding, sharing, and fun at the Nantahala Outdoor Center.
The weekend offers participants the opportunity to learn about maintaining trail in the classroom and on the Tsali Trail. Share your experiences in mountain bike advocacy and learn about exciting mountain bike projects in the Southeast. Then ride and enjoy the spectacular trails of western North Carolina.

Registration fees include cover admission to IMBA Trail Care Crew events, lunch and dinner on Saturday, group rides, on-site transportation, and the Saturday night social.

For further information about the event schedule, contact Tom Sauret at tom@sorba.org

Click here to register at the IMBA site.

Christmas came and went, here is 2010!

We can’t say thank you enough for helping make Bryson City Bicycles a success in its first year. If this year- in a bad economy, in a down year, with all the rain- can be this good, let’s hurry up and get out of the damp recession so we can see what a good year looks like!

Hasn’t been above 32 degrees for 5 days now. While we are getting used to the cold, I’m ready for spring. People have been renting bikes and going out on the trails. I am still busy getting rid of this chest cold, but I’ll be out riding in a few days. Training for the Icycle race at Fontana Dam Village.

I’m sure that by now everyone has heard about my encounter with the bear that tumbled down the hill and landed on the trail near me, right? Awesome encounter.

Looking forward to the creation of the Tsali Area Mountain Biking Association. Mark it on your calender, the weekend of March 19th through the 21st. That weekend we’ll have the IMBA trail crew here, and the rest of the fun festivities that got postponed last year. More to come on this really great way to protect and improve Tsali trails.

Getting ready to order the new rental bikes for the fleet. 29ers, here we come!

Come ride in the cold!

Snowy ride at Tsali

Snowy ride at Tsali

Might not be the warmest month here in Bryson City, but you can get a great deal on a cabin, the trails at Tsali aren’t crowded, and you can see snow! Or ride through snow. The hiking is flat awesome this time to year as well.