10 weeks in our shop (starting your own business)

Wow. What a great ten weeks. Ten, like the number of loose ball bearings in your headset. (you can look it up) I can’t say enough about how fortunate we are to be here in Bryson City. Diane and I have worked our fingers to the bone and have met new people and stayed open late and opened on our days off and have made Bryson City Bicycles very successful. But, there is no way we could have done this without you, our loyal customers and fans. We owe you all much in the way of gratitude and platitudes for coming in and letting us help you.

We owe a mountain of debt to many people in our venture. Many thanks to the web designers of This is Beautiful. Nick Mason and Daniel Hamilton are kings of their craft. These guys are great, and helped us in many ways. The gals at Willoworks, Julie Thorner and Paige Christie, for all their help in leaflets, flyers, billboards, and print media. Patricia Costello of Self-Help Credit Union for securing our mountain of debt (:-P). Debra Smith who listed our house in Garner and got it to sell to the very first people who looked at it. Kevin at the Spin Cycle, whose very unfortunate demise opened the door for Diane and I to have our dream business. Deb Bechtold, who finished the unfinishable mountain logo. We appreciate all the business plan help and guidance that we received from Tom Fleckenstein at the SBTDC. And, we can’t forget Jason DiMambro, Timm Muth and all the other people who have given us their influence.

I can’t tell you what an honor it is to open the door each day to allow people to come into our shop and let us serve you. It’s amazing to me that people even walk in the door. I can’t tell you how, as this was all coming together, I worried about “would they come?”

All I can tell you is — Make a plan, stick to it, change it, rewrite it, go with your gut, and hang on. The people who have selected us to help with our business, through karma and fate, have been the best people we could ever hope to work with. It has been an amazing journey to this day, and it will continue with the help of those and many, many more people.

Cross Country delight

Kona 120 Primo

5 INCHES! Nah, it’s gotta be bigger than that!
Like Tsali? Got a secret downhill fetish? Want to keep the rear tire planted? Big hits? Bring this bike, and it all stays sane. The Rock Shox Recon 335 keeps your hands in control, making you a very able pilot.

Just $60 a day, and it includes the helmet, a tool bag, and a custom fit with Spokey Joe!